202 Emily Sutton


The object I chose for the “My Philadelphia History Project” is a small raccoon pin. To many it won’t seem like much, but to me it symbolizes my life. I have been involved with music since I was a toddler, playing the violin since I was three. A year ago I began going to house shows. The DIY Philly music scene is a very prominent one, with many artists getting record labels, working with FADER magazine and so on. It’s a community of people who love to listen to music, and who love to play music. At a house called “The Aquarium” I acquired this pin. I have been going to this venue since the beginning of 2015 and I have seen countless bands there and created my most precious memories there. Never having actual physical evidence (before this pin) of a house show, I only had the memories and pictures of bands that are on my phone. This pin became something that symbolized a very large portion of my life, and a very large portion of my happiness. Until house shows, I didn’t fit in much. Then I discovered this whole other side to Philly I had never seen before, and my life has changed for the better.