199 Lois Schlachter



As a kid growing up in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia I would often be entertained by rummaging through our basement.  I loved using Dad’s tools and I would find old lumber, wheels and hardware and make things.

Some of my favorite things to build were scooters and go-karts.  After I’d put them together, I would take them out to one of the many Roxborough hills to test drive.

My piece in this show is a step back to my childhood.  I went rummaging around my studio and found paint paddles, toothpicks and buttons.  Then I preceded to assemble my miniature go-kart.

As an artist, I am a painter who considers herself an Abstract Expressionist.  Though the colors, circles and lines of my miniature go-kart are reminiscent of my paintings, I confess that Go-Kart is the only 3D piece that I have created in many years.  To see more of my work go to www.fineartbylois.com.