188 Fleisher Art Memorial (see attachment from grisha)


The artifact is an object made of plaster and was a part of fresco interior wall in Sanctuary of Fleisher Art Memorial. Church of Evangelists was built in 1886 by Architectural Firm of Furness, Evans, & Co. Frescoes were created by Italian-American painter Nicola D’Ascenzo with images influenced by Italian Renaissance. In 1922 Samuel Fleisher purchased the church, and the Sanctuary with all its interior murals become a part of art school.

Through the years, Sanctuary become a multi-purpose space that supports Fleisher’s mission. The space continually holds drawing classes, art lectures, film screenings, auctions, fundraisers, and concerts. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the building also developed certain damage. Some walls observed moisture and some pieces of frescoes began to detach from the wall. These pieces we have been collecting through the years as historic artifacts. I’m very glad to say that in 2013, Fleisher had completed a full replacement of its roof, and the damage to the interior of Sanctuary no longer exists.

It’s our privilege to share with your project one of our artifacts. We hope this piece of plaster with oil paint on one side had observed in its last 130 years all the art lessons, melodic instructions, and answered prayers.