179 Fiona O’Sullivan, little gold dress


179My mom and I once had to go to Harleysville to get a prom dress. The prom was the next day, but the drive only should’ve taken us about two hours, round trip. There was a torrential downpour going on that afternoon, but a little rain traffic wouldn’t stop our adventure. After almost getting into an accident coming off the Ben Franklin Bridge, we continued onward to the Schuylkill Expressway. There were tons of traffic, and after three hours on that dreaded Expressway, we finally turned off our exit. After finally getting the dress, we headed back home, and back to that horrendous Schuylkill. We sat on the expressway for yet another three hours, waiting for “drain cleaners” to stop blocking the road. When we finally got to our exit, we found out what was really holding up the traffic: two broken down cars. The rest of the way home, my mom and I were ranting about how much we hated rubberneckers and how we would never go on the Schuylkill again. We’ve been back on the expressway since, and joke about that day every time.