177 Wayne R. Stewart Sr.


My name is WAYNE R. STEWART SR, I am stained glass artist going from repairing church windows to creative art glass. I began to create my own thought processes for stained glass art and began to create stained glass portraits of great men of history and local business men and pastors. Abstracts, creative free form pieces with lots of color and textures of glass doing makes me feel happy, just hanging them on my studio walls. One day my son said “Dad, you are making all of these works of art and no one is seeing them but us.” I thought he was right and he said that I should enter some contest. I entered the National Arts Competition at Philadelphia’s City Hall in 2013 and won 3rd place – hooray! I felt worthy, so I decided to enter again the next year, in 2014. I won two prizes: best of show and third place. I continue to enter contests. In 2015 I entered the Red Bull Art of The Can Contest and placed in the top ten. The works was displayed at Dilworth Plaza at Philadelphia’s City Hall. I am all smiles.


The Philadelphia Love & Peace design should be up for the world to see. I am very proud of the design. The new Philadelphia Love Peace, 2016.