160 Kezia Skates


Almost every day I come home and watch anime. Anime – LYEE! Attack on Titan, Death Note, Heaven’s Lost Property, any anime is my type. So one day I watched an anime called Fairy Tale; it has to do with magic. There is a character called Lucy. She has a ring with celestial keys. She can open gates to the celestial world and call on some one and they come from it and help her. One day, I wanted her keys so I looked on Amazon and I saw it. So I waited a couple of days and it finally came in the mall. It had all the keys there so I put them all on the ring that came with it and it came with a little charm. It was a fairytale key chain. I put it on my key ring with the keys to my house in Philadelphia and I wear it around. I love that anime, one of my favorites.