158 Vania Shallomita


Even though Philly is not technically my city, it has become my city over time. I wasn’t born in Philly, but I kind of have been raised here and it has been full of changing moments. I think my favorite place is the church I go to, BMC, Bethany Miracle Center, at 1709 South Broad Street. My life has been awesomely changed since I went there and when I say “changed,” I mean in a positive way. Whenever I go to school, I use SEPTA with a student pass and for some unknown reason I’ve been collecting them. I love music. I love to sing and play instruments. I can play the piano, guitar, and a little bit of other instruments. I’ve been learning at Settlement Music School located on Queen Street in Philadelphia. I love the food my mom makes and all of Chinatown’s food and drinks. My parents sacrificed their great job in Indonesia to come here to give my sister and me success. They think we can be more successful here and we think it’s true. My parents are awesome. I love my family.