148 Joanne Wie


One amazing city is Philadelphia. The food is good and the weather is beautiful. I think the best Philly cheesesteak is Geno’s. The bread is crispy outside and soft inside. The meat is juicy, it’s easy to chew, and it’s very soft. The weather in Philadelphia is almost perfect. It’s mostly sunny at morning and night it’s warm and cool. For the past three and a half years my favorite place to eat is a pho placed called Pho Cali. Their noodles are warm and soft (and very easy to swallow). The meat is chewy and tender, and it is also very juicy. Every time I bite into the meat, a burst of flavors explode in my mouth. Their ingredients are fresh and the broth is the best. The broth pulls everything together. My favorite spot in Philly is at my local temple, because I believe in Buddha. It brings my family together and it gives my family and I hope.