143 Chung Chiang and Michael, Elise, & Ernest Konrad


We moved to Philadelphia in 2009, purchasing an historic house built by Congressman Charles Brown in the mid-1800s. We visited the building four times with a realtor before finally deciding to make an offer. I became acquainted with a small lock box that appeared to have been locked to the iron gate for quite some time; the realtor used it to store the key. The home was large enough for us to grow into, which was good because we planned to start a family, but with all of the problems of making a new home in a different city and an old house, three years passed and our efforts were still directed towards repairs and restorations. The lock box continued to hang on the iron gate. Eventually in 2013, Elise and Ernest joined our family, and now we easily fill our home. Our large basement is now shrunk by storage, with toys spilling across the first floor and every bedroom in use. It was finally time to cut the lock box from the gate.