135 Nora The Piano Cat


135(International Internet Celebrity Right Here In Philadelphia)

When Betsy and Burnell, my purrsonal assistants asked me to contribute something to this wonderful Philadelphia art project, how could I possibly refuse? After all, I was born on the tough streets of Camden, rescued from a local shelter by my assistants and have lived my entire life right here in this glorious city of brotherly (and “cat-erly”) love. Betsy happens to be a musician and a piano teacher, so I was exposed to music as a tiny kitten and I decided to be a career pianist at the tender age of one. When I first sat on the bench and began playing, Betsy and Burnell and all of the students were so astonished at my musical prowess. Eventually, the world took notice of me on YouTube (just like Justin Bieber) and the next thing I knew, Jon Stewart was mentioning me on his show, I was a New York Times crossword puzzle answer, animal behaviorists were studying me, film crews from around the world were filming me for shows on Animal Planet and the BBC, I was in the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe it or Not, I was on Martha Stewart and the Today Show, and I was receiving awards from organizations like the ASPCA. But the most exciting thing is that a composer wrote a piece for orchestra around my playing called “Catcerto” and it has been performed by over twenty orchestras worldwide, including the Hong Kong Philharmonic. I wish I could have contributed a piano key to this project, but I would never remove a key from my fabulous instrument, but I did decide to share one of my catnip mice with you and a button of my magnificent green eye.