125 Sharp & Dohme (submitted by John and Gail Buhler)




Sharp & Dohme was founded in Philadelphia by Alpheus Sharp and Carl Dohme in 1845. It was later acquired by Merck & Co. They produced a variety of different botanical products, and the most famous was Sucrets. This was a candy based throat lozenge for sore throats. The lozenges were packaged in a tin box, which was then used by the consumer to store many small household items. I used this product in my early childhood and always remember the horrible taste. Sharp & Dohme had manufacturing facilities in Philadelphia at Broad and Wallace for many years until they moved to West Point, PA.


This product, produced by MSD, was a convenient portable tin containing tablets for pain.

B-F-I Powder

This powder was used on all my cuts when I was a child.  The bismuth-formic-iodide powder was an antiseptic and also dried the wound.  I miss having it available today.