123 Shoalyn Brown


In my first year at Moore College of Art and Design, I had a class called visual thinking. My first assignment was to make a visual piece based off my interpretation of wilderness/wildness. I thought of the aroma of natural scents as soon as I walk in a store called Garland of Letters Bookstore on South Street in Philadelphia. I came across some crystals and started looking at the meanings of them and decided to make my own personal pendulum. My main focus was to get crystals that will help me as a person and my performance in school. I picked a few crystals that would help me with my aura, keeping negative energies away, bettering my communication within my relationships with others, brain health and much more. I encased the crystals in a silver cage and wore it or kept it close to me every day. Over this time period it has been collecting my energy and protecting it as well. This pendulum has gotten me through my first year of college here in Philly and has become my closest companion.