120 Colleen Loges


So I might be the only person out there whose medical situation has gotten better since moving to the city. I’m from a small hick town in the Pine Barrens in southern New Jersey, and I’ve always had horrible allergies/asthma. I’m allergic to practically everything – most animals, pollen, grass, dust, I’m even allergic to the heat – and in turn they all trigger my asthma. There was probably about a year of my life when my lungs were so bad that one of them just didn’t work. I’ve been on intense treatments for about six years, and since moving to Philadelphia back in August my symptoms have improved dramatically. The amount of medicine I take has move from around 550 mg to 300 mg, and I’m only having to take my prescriptions once a day instead of twice. I always figured that moving to this city would be the death of me, but surprisingly enough, Philly turned out to be for the best.