119 Linda Manchester


Dear Matthew and Won,

Your project is giving me the opportunity to tell everyone how much I like Philadelphia. I did not always feel this way.  To explain: I had a wonderful sister, very artistic, beautiful mind and spirit, and her heart was filled with love and happiness for everyone.  Her art was an extension of all the beauty she saw and felt in life.  At twenty and attending college in Philadelphia, she was excited to join with others and build an art community, but in 1974, my sister was murdered in her apartment.  I made a vow to myself I would never go to Philadelphia. When my son told me he was moving to Philadelphia after graduate school, my heart sank. I was afraid for him, and afraid to visit the city where my sister died. Only because of the love I had for my son did I put my fears aside, visit, and have been visiting my son and daughter-in-law in this great city for many years now.  I understand their love for Philadelphia, and I now understand the love my sister had for this great city.
Thank you, Matthew and Won.

P.S. This little dog pin was Bonnie’s. We each had one. We wore them all the time. Grammy gave them to us.