113 Yunjung Kang


I came to the US from Korea in 2010 as I studied abroad. I attended at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia for two years, participating in Post-Baccalaureate art studio program. During the school year, I was obsessed with repetitive processes of accumulation that has the potential to transform material into textiles, sculptures and installation. I usually took and played with textile and synthetic industrial materials to create my artwork, turning to the organic and natural forms.

For this cocoon-like ball, which is made out of fuzzy yarn and cotton balls, I was inspired by the feelings of warmth and coziness, as I was very missing my home and family in Korea at that time.

After a couple of years, as I do not live in Philadelphia anymore.

It now evokes a very similar emotion about missing Philadelphia, as I used to miss Korea. Ultimately, I’m happy that, through this art piece, I am able to maintain a special engagement between me and the city of Philadelphia.