107 GM Green


107When I started working as a new lawyer with the U.S. Department of Labor in 1991, our offices were located in the former federal building at 36th and Market Street in West Philadelphia. I found this small green plastic dreidel in my desk drawer. I have no idea to whom it originally belonged or why they brought it to work. Although I am only distantly Jewish and don’t even know the significance or history of a dreidel, in moments of stress, spinning the dreidel had a calming effect. When I moved from an interior office to a window office, I took the dreidel with me. In 2001, we packed up our offices and moved to the Curtis Center, former home of the Curtis Publishing Company, at Sixth and Walnut Streets. We were told to pare down for the move, but along came the dreidel, to reside in the drawer of my new desk. With seniority, came better offices, and the dreidel moved with me to an office overlooking the atrium. In 2015, I became a regional counsel, resulting in a new office overlooking Washington Square Park. Along came the green plastic dreidel. As I approach retirement and an eventual expiring lease at the Curtis Center, I fear that the dreidel will be relegated to a dumpster by the next occupant or during the next office move, and so I donate this little dreidel that has accompanied me throughout my 25 year legal career.