103 Jerry Gordon, 3rd Street Jazz


I started the record store Third Street Jazz and Rock at 10 North Third Street in Philly during the summer of 1972. It was a logical extension of an obsession I had with records since childhood. My happiest and earliest memories consist of my sister spinning 45 rpm records by the Coasters on her “portable” Webcor record player, or listening to Chuck Willis or the Drifters 45s at my hip cousin’s house in South Philadelphia. For over twenty years, “Third St. Jazz” was the home to thousands of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Rock, and Blues enthusiasts – of all colors and hues – who shared their love of music with me and each other. When the store opened, 45s, LPs and 8-tracks held sway, with cassettes just starting to become popular. At the end of my time at the store, 45s  were virtually extinct after being a part of my life for forty years, as CDs had become the prevailing technology. I still play my old records, and I can’t help but think of good times whenever I see an old 45 adapter.