101 Christopher Sweeney


The artwork I have contributed is a pair of bronze angels I created with my 3D printer. The originals are a pair of concrete angels that I found at a flea market in Philadelphia. The importance of the originals and the bronze copies are that they are something that I enjoy looking at everyday, both in my backyard, and in my studio. The other importance of the originals are that they are in my backyard garden behind my house. This is the first house I actually own since I moved here in 1992, twenty-four years ago. This is a place that my wife and I own and in which we raise our son, Hutch. That is why I wanted our angels to be represented in this artwork. Even though I was not born here, Philadelphia is where I call home and where my heart is, hardscrabble or not. Philadelphia is where I went to school, met my wife, where my son was born. That is why these angels should be in the collection for all to see as they enter the terminal to the City of Brotherly Love.