095 Marsiella Catanoso




I moved to Philadelphia at the end of the summer of 2015, after finishing up a ceramic apprenticeship in the rural town of Floyd, Virginia. There, I worked with two local potters, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. As I prepared for my move to Philly, I felt both excitement for the new beginnings ahead, and anxiousness for the next chapter of my life. Moving to the city, away from rural Southwest Virginia, seemed foreign to me. I was used to being surrounded by lush woodland as far the eye could see. However, as weeks passed I became accustomed to my new everyday surroundings: facades of town homes, pavements adorned with plotted plants, street art, and murals decorating every other building. I became inspired by the bright colors that give Philadelphia it’s character and culture. I felt I could translate this new atmosphere to my own art. Through letting go of the anxiousness of moving to a new place and truly embracing this new part of my life, I was able to create a new surface decoration for my pottery. This little tile I made was only a sample test, which eventually was placed on work of mine of a larger scale. I’m proud to say that it is a piece of me and my new journey living in of the city of Philadelphia.