086 Anon E. Mous


Find a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck.

Since I was a child I have enjoyed finding heads-up pennies on the ground and picking them up for luck, and it always seems I do have a better day with more luck after finding one of these pennies. Then, one day I realized I could give away all the luck I wanted to other people for only a penny each, so I started collecting very shiny pennies I would get with my change and putting them in spots all around my Philadelphia neighborhood. I leave them heads-up on the sidewalk, on windowsills, on mailboxes, on steps, on benches and tables, and in the park where the children play. They are always all gone by the end of the day, and it makes me smile to think of all the luck I sent out into the world. So I am contributing some of my shiny lucky pennies to this project in the hope that they will bring some extra good luck to anyone who is reading this!