062 Arthur T. Davis


I was born and raised in South Philadelphia. I graduated from Girard College High School. I am now a senior Dance major at the University of the Arts. Growing up, I always knew that there was something artistic within me. I’ve always had a keen eye for details, shapes, lines and colors.

My favorite box of crayons was the 64 count. I would open up the box, read and admire all of the colors, taking each crayon out and writing my name down on paper. My favorite carton in the box was the one with the neon colors. What I liked about those colors were that they stood out to me more than any of the other colors. I told myself that, just like those colors, I too would stand out in whatever I accomplished in life.

During that time I would stay up past my bed time just to watch Channel 58. That was the Style Channel back then. After a certain hour at night the channel would air runway shows of designer’s fashion lines that were in season. I was in awe, watching the feminine physique striding down the runway draped in fabrics of different colors, textures, shapes and patterns. I never saw anything so visually captivating, from the hair, make up and accessories, down to the garments, shoes, venue, and the music playing in the background. Watching the runway shows gave me a sense of freedom of expression and individuality. I told myself that I, too, would be apart of that atmosphere some way some how.

The television was my escape from reality. I enjoyed watching music videos, Michael Jackson’s especially. There was something about Michael Jackson’s videos that seemed like a short film to me, from the costumes, to the wonderful dance moves. Every video he produced stood out and embodied a sense of eccentricity. The way that the dancers moved is what stood out to me the most. I would get up and mock the dances that the dancers were doing. I told myself that I, too, would be dancing for someone somewhere, some how, and someday.

To bring my Philadelphia Story to the present. I have become an artist of many genres. I sing, write, dance, act, sew, do make-up, and have a license in Cosmetology. This watch that I am submitting for the PHL exhibit symbolizes my purpose in life. To bring COLOR to the world through my artistic gifts, during my TIME on earth.