058 Mark, Cindy, Otto & Iona Stockton-Moore


My husband, Mark, and I moved to Philadelphia from Brooklyn in 2008.  During our first year here, we developed the habit of hiking at Heinz Refuge (not far from the airport) at least once a week, and together we got to know the landscape well.  It was one of the many things we grew to love about Philadelphia, the ability to straddle both the urban and wild.  As the seasons change so does the wildlife at the refuge; we are always drawn to the barn swallows that nest there their kamikaze flights are so mesmerizing to watch.   After the birth of our son, Otto, we kept up our hikes – albeit less regularly – and he has become an avid little birder as well. Together with Otto we made this small painting of a swallow to commemorate our time hiking together.  Now we head to Heinz Refuge with his sister, Iona, and wait for the return of the swallows each year.  They have come to symbolize the hope we feel as a family for this city that we call home.