053 Suzanne Graves


My father, Robert Rich, worked at the Bell Telephone Company in Philadelphia for forty-two years.  He began as a pole lineman at the end of the Great Depression, climbing telephone poles and going down into manholes to run phone lines.  After Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the Army and served until the war was over.  He returned to work at the phone company after the war and went to Drexel for a business degree at night on the GI Bill.  He was part of the first graduating class to receive a bachelor’s degree at the night school.  Previously, only an associate degree had been offered at night.  My father worked a variety of jobs at the phone company, the last being in the law department in the building at 16th and Arch Street.  He supported his wife and four children and retired with a pension, something that is almost unheard of today!  He received this bracelet from the company during the course of his employment and gave it to my mother.  I would love for you to use it for your wonderful project!  Please let me know if you are interested.