044 Jed Williams


This is a CCE pin; CCE, or should I say the Community Cultural Exchange, of which I was a founding member. Incorporated in September 2006 after receiving a grant from Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary Committee’s Coffee House Challenge sponsored by Starbuck’s, the CCE is a 501c3 non-profit which has acted as a creative vehicle by partnering with various organizations to facilitate diverse art and culture initiatives such as art exhibitions, musical performances, craft fairs, lectures, community discussion groups, and wellness programs for individuals of all ages. The CCE’s goal is to create a community art and culture center on or near South Street, Philadelphia, PA. During its heyday the CCE created and facilitated events in such South St. area locations as Copabanana (an arts/music salon-type event), Starr Garden (many kid-friendly events were held here), and for a few months it had its own location at 506 South St. (which it leased from the now-defunct “Art on South” program which leased abandoned storefronts to artists/galleries/art groups etc).