038 Emily Handel


Since starting my freshman year of college in Philadelphia and leaving home, I’ve found that I am an extremely emotional person. I never really realized how emotional I was until I left for a few months and couldn’t see the people I adore. I’m constantly home sick. I cry and I ache for the people I’m used to: my parents, my siblings, my boyfriend. I hate leaving my family behind because I’m afraid maybe one day they won’t be here anymore and I’ll miss out on all the moments I could of had with them. They are the most important people in my life and they are constantly giving me unconditional support while in Philadelphia.

I never realized how many go-pack white Kleenex tissues I go through.  As a weak person with a weak immune system, I’d say my Philadelphia story includes go-pack Kleenex. My mom always said, “You can never have enough Kleenex tissues. Just throw them in your bag!!” She’s constantly prepared, carrying them in her purse everywhere we go, passing them to anyone who is in need of a tissue. They wipe my tears, they catch my sneezes after a good cry and they wipe away my sickness, my home sick-ness. My go-pack Kleenex tissues remind me of the support I have, the support that I’ll always have while away. I won’t always need a Kleenex tissue, but I find comfort in knowing I can always grab a tissue.

While getting older, and less emotional, I move on and remember why I am in Philadelphia and the amazing scholarship I have to be here. I find myself needing them less and less as time passes and I focus on the life I’m creating for myself. I’m growing into the artist I want to be and I find myself getting stronger. Who knows, I might need a lot of Kleenex when I graduate and leave Philadelphia, but I can take comfort in the fact that when my family is not around, my Kleenex replaces a job that my family normally would.