037 Ellen Benson


In addition to treating and schmoozing with patients and taking us kids on rounds with him at Einstein Hospital, Dad the doctor was an avid home movie buff. He captured us in the late fifties and early sixties piling into the (un-air- conditioned) Edsel for the long slog along the White Horse Pike to summers in Wildwood, New Jersey. We were filmed at Camp Green Lane, where my father was the camp doctor and my mom worked in the office. I think there is even footage of the annual Sachs Family Circle gathering for Passovers at welterweight champ Lew Tendler’s celebrated restaurant at Broad and Locust. Mom and Dad are both gone, and now I have tons of slides and tapes documenting our growing up on N. Broad St. They’re all labeled except one, and here it is. I wonder what mysteries it would reveal.