030 Rhys Perih


I have a feeling this penny will not be included in the actual final piece. It is a penny. There is literally nothing interesting about it. It is just a penny. No twist, no catch, not even some sort of residue left on the penny that makes it more frightening to touch. And as I continue to write this, I’m getting the nagging feeling that there’s nothing really all that interesting about this penny’s meaning to me. This penny (or at least one somewhat like it) has been sitting on the bathroom floor of my dorm for at least two months. I have seen it many times, as has my roommate. Neither of us have made any attempt at picking it up. In fact, we have had conversations explicitly concluding with the decision that we should never pick it up. We feel this way about most the objects in the dorm. That cracker has no reason to be on the ground.  In fact, guests may be actively disgusted by its presence, but it’s not bothering me right now, and it hasn’t done anything to wrong me in the past, so why waste valuable time and move it now? That time could be better spent doing absolutely nothing, putting off homework and indulging in self-loathing. Hackneyed-metaphor time: that never-moving penny represents my life in Philadelphia. Bored and never really leaving the dorm due to social anxiety and a variety of other reasons, but too lazy to actually attempt to do anything about it. That probably makes things sound worse than they actually are. I’m not alone all the time, and I often go places and do things. I feel a bit stuck, but overall I’m okay with where I am. That is why I have not moved the penny. Also because it gives good luck.