023 Lorraine Haw


I love Philadelphia. I have been an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan since I can remember. I’m number five in a family of twelve siblings. My mother is eighty-five years young and she also loves the Philadelphia Eagles. If you were to visit our house you would always see a lot of flyers, hats, beads, and, yes, even stuffed animals. I have an Eagles construction hat that sits in the back of my window in my car. I have a small Eagles football around my rearview mirror and my steering wheel has an Eagles steering wheel cover around it. I even have a photograph with one of the players when they came to Forman Mills way back when. I have a corner for my Eagles memorabilia and a corner for my Phillies memorabilia. I love them too. They represent Philadelphia to me. I’ve been to a lot of places in my life, but I don’t want to live anywhere else except Philly. I remember when we would go to the Franklin Institute or Art Museum for our field trips. I have been to many Mummers parades, Philly parades, Broad Street walks, etc. My favorite color is green and I love that the Eagles have green in their uniforms. My mom’s and son’s birthstone colors are red, and so are the Phillies’ uniforms, so I love green and red. Halloween colors remind me of the Flyers colors. I’ve learned to watch hockey. Philadelphia has many places to visit. I just wish we had a light house in Philadelphia. I love the Liberty Bell, because it also represents Philadelphia.

As I’m writing my story I’m watching Fox 29 news and there is a group doing ‘aquacoustique’ at one of Philly’s fountains. The group is a French performing art group, so you see Philadelphia is doing new things every day. Our cheesesteaks are the best in the world. Go Eagles and Phillies and Flyers. Philadelphia is the best city to be in.