021 Samantha Lewis


Philadelphia is one strange place. No matter where you were born and raised, you have mixed feelings about your home. Deep down inside you do not want to fully dislike where you live because of self-pride. You should be proud of the place you call home. Sometimes you are proud because only you know the up sides to your home compared to an outsider. On the other hand you question and do not understand why anyone would want to ever visit.

We all grow up differently for many reasons: family, social status, race, religion, school, friends, or anything you can think of. We have different stories to tell. My story never goes the boards of Philadelphia. My whole life, every major event to happen to a person, has happened to me right here in Philadelphia. Philadelphia has its potential and not too many people see it.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe a person is meant to meet the people, good or bad, that they meet, and they meet them for reasons we may never know about. I have met a variety of different people here in Philadelphia. This home of mine is strange because, no matter your reason for being here in Philadelphia – whether you were born here, moved here, or even work here – the people you meet don’t feel like strangers. When you develop a close relationship with friends here in Philadelphia, you feel like you have known these people your whole life. I guess why they call this place the City of Brotherly Love.