016 Regina Kelly Barthmaier


I’ve lived in Philadelphia all my life, and have been living in Center City since 1978. While working in NYC, a physic palm reader told me that I had a star at the end of my Venus line in the arts.  I was in my early thirties, and had not been to college yet, so I decided to go to an art college.  I found Philadelphia College of Art (PCA), which is now the University of the Arts.  I entered in 1982, and got a job as a work-study student in a department known as External Affairs.  My supervisor, Eileen Rosenau, ran special events for donor cultivation and fundraising.  I was able to attend many of these as part of my job.  The “Portrait of an Era” button is from one of the first events I worked at.  In 1984 I was hired part-time and the department’s name had changed to Development.  I ended up getting a full-time position there and finishing up my degree (BFA Printmaking) in 1989.  By that time PCA had become the University of the Arts (UArts).

In 1996 I moved the Dean’s office, where I still work today as Assistant to the CAMD Dean.  Along the way, I earned an MA in Art Education (for free) and have taken numerous courses for which I did not have to pay. I have not become a star in the arts, but I have a job I love, good benefits, and wonderful artist colleagues.  Thirty-two years at UArts and counting, thanks to my work-study position in External Affairs.