015 Steve Flis


I was born in Philadelphia, the youngest of ten children. I have five brothers and four sisters. All four of my grandparents moved to Philadelphia (separately) as teenagers in the nineteen-teens from Poland. They settled in the Polish dominated areas of Port Richmond and Frankford. My mom’s mother worked in a convent cooking for nuns. The object I have included is a “church key” (bottle and can opener) from the Schmidt’s brewery which was located in the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia. They were once many breweries in the city of Philadelphia. I have lived in Philadelphia most of my life. When I left, it was only as far as New Jersey, working as a restaurant manager in my twenties. I currently work as a restaurant manager in Philadelphia, and have worked in the food industry in almost every job I have had. I have worked in virtually every aspect of restaurant service, from dishwasher, cook, server and general manager. Every day I work, there is a wine opener in my pocket. It is a great pleasure for me to serve and talk about great wine and food and meet my fellow residents as well as visitors from other cities and countries to our once capital city of Philadelphia. There is so much to love about Philadelphia these days. The vibrant and exciting restaurant scene, arts culture and history. Philadelphians can be tough on the exterior but once we accept a new resident or visitor, we are fiercely loyal friends.