014 Philip Scarpone and Shannon Tomanovich


This fragment of arabesque tin fell off the side of the building where Shannon and I live in the Port Richmond/Kensington section of the city.   The building is an old recreation center for the St. Ann’s church off of E. Lehigh Avenue.  Our landlord, an artist, purchased the building from the archbishop in the 1990’s and converted the space into live/work areas.  Some of our neighbors have been living in the area for a long time and tell us stories about the building when it was an active recreation center.  The basement had a bowling alley and our “unit” was the old dinning/dance hall rented out for parties and banquets.  This piece of tin is almost identical to the tin patterns that cover the interior walls of the building.  I find myself always thinking about the people who built this place and Shannon always wonders about the people who served food in our kitchen and danced on the floors.