011 Jennifer D. Martin


A southern girl from Georgia moved to Philadelphia in the spring of 2007. My life partner’s selling point on our move and new apartment in Northern Liberties was “The Clay Studio is only 1 mile down the street.” I did not know the city but I did know the reputation of The Clay Studio. This concrete jungle felt unfamiliar and took a minute for me to adjust but in the fall of that year, the pieces started falling into place. I was hired as the Studio Technician at The Clay Studio and began to meet my “clay family” and find the place that I now call home. The object that I am choosing to showcase in this project is an object that is familiar to me and reminds me of home. As a child, I used to take long walks in the woods. One of my many discoveries on those walk were bottles. I am a collector of the bottle form and have been since I was a child. I was holding onto this bottle for my collection until I found out about this project. This bottle was made at The Clay Studio and has been in my collection since the beginning on my journey in Philadelphia.