006 Eunji Kim


Before I came to Philadelphia, I imagined this city as old, sedate and small, with warm weather. So I actually thought my student-exchange life in this city would be filled with monotonous routine. When I arrived in Philly, just after I traveled to New York, it wasn’t very different from my imagination, except the weather. However, a month later I had to change my impression about Philadelphia. One day, I waited for the traffic light at a crossroads in front of the city hall and then, suddenly, a horse crossed the street in front of me.  People seemed unconcerned. The other day, I went to a mall and saw a sparrow fly out of some clothes. Those kinds of events were unrealistic scenes for me because where I’m from it’s hard to see horse or a sparrow in the downtown or a mall. The events make me feel excited. As the weather has been getting warmer, there are so many people busking on the street playing jazz or blues, and the pubs are all packed with people enjoying themselves. There were many more marvelous events in Philadelphia than I expected, and soon I fell in love with this old, vibrant city. The city is like a surprise present for me, filled with unexpected fun events.