005 Gayle Morrow


Philly is my adopted home. After fifty-three years of searching for where I belonged, I knew the minute I stepped onto the platform at 30th Street Station the first time that I had finally found it.

Because I’m originally from Texas, not supporting your hometown football team is not an option, so immediately after moving here I bought me an Eagles troll, Eagles gear, and splurged on front-row seats at the Vet for an Eagle-Skins game. I had never been so excited and happy in my entire life.  Football & My Philly! What could possibly be any better than this?  Better? During the game I set my troll on the ledge in front of my seat, the Eagles made a TD. I of course jumped to my feet screaming and knocked poor Eagles Troll off the ledge onto the field. I almost cried, because if you don’t have a good luck charm, naturally, your team will lose. Swoop, who must have sensed an impending old-lady outburst, swooped over, picked up Eagles Troll, kissed him, and handed him back. Me—awe! Eagles Troll—now truly LUCKY Eagles Troll!  Even though I’m very conflicted about giving him up after so many years together, I know that he is powerful enough to give them luck from wherever. Fly, Eagles, Fly!