057 Alden Cole


057The copper penguin-shaped cookie-cutter was given to me by friend DoN Brewer several years ago. Although I’m well-known among my friends for my baking skills, I’m ultimately not a great fan of rolled-and-cut cookies which require a lot of time and patience, so as a result, Mr. Penguin never got used for his original purpose. However I did not put him away out of sight; he moved around my home, from altar-place to altar-place, most recently being relegated to the basement where he was part of an ensemble decorating a countertop; a miscellany of found objects, both utilitarian and non. When I first started looking through this museum-of-collected-objects that is my home, for items that could fit into a 4″ x 4″ x 1″ space, the penguin virtually jumped off the shelf into my hand. Serendipitously it fit at a quirky angle into the small test-box of cardboard that I had made to verify an item’s usability for this project. The amber jewel was an afterthought that brought the penguin alive, but forced me to bend the copper a bit to fit the flashing eye – another found item, from among a number of costume-jewelry amber-brooches that I relieved Dumpster Diver-genius Neil Benson of, when he asked us as a group to please help him empty his friend Michael Tierson’s basement of the myriad of found items he had been storing there – temporarily. But that’s another story…