project description

My Philadelphia Story, a project that showcases the objects of over 500 Philadelphians. Through various community activities, Lee and Price will collect objects along with stories from local residents. These objects will be displayed in 4 x 4” spaces, made from kiln-dried walnut wood. Accompanying the piece will be a website where passersby can access the stories of the individual objects. Lee and Price see this work as a collaboration with audiences and as “an opportunity to present their own story and to share their own little treasure.”

“My Philadelphia Story” is an art installation located at the Philadelphia International airport terminal F; exploring the cultural diversity of the city through a collection of more than 500 objects. The pieces range from antiques to oddities, they include handmade goods and mass produced consumer wares; each piece being representative of one person’s past experiences. So, go ahead! Take a look inside to see items collected from the purses and pocketbooks of our citizens. We think you’ll feel compelled, be educated, laugh and cry. Enjoy!

The Percent for arts program – philadelphiaredevelopmentauthority.com

This Percent for Art opportunity was nationally announced as an open Call to Artists in September 2014 to artists and artist teams. Out of the 151 applicants, fourteen finalists were selected to present proposals. An independent selection panel consisting of Curator and Writer Judith Stein, Artist Benjamin Volta, and Artist and Curator Richard Watson, with advisory support from Conservator Katherine Cuffari, the Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy, and Philadelphia International Airport recommended these four projects for commission.

About the Public Art Program – The Percent for Art Program of the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy commissions exceptional and enduring works of site-specific public art by renowned and emerging artists for City buildings and public spaces. Philadelphia’s public art collection is recognized as the largest and most remarkable in the world. Since 1959, more than 300 works of art have been commissioned through the City of Philadelphia’s Percent for Art Ordinance.

The Artists:

Won Kyoung Lee – www.wonkyounglee.com

I majored in Fiber arts. I use a needle and thread to make things that sometimes adorn the body and sometimes adorn the walls. Materials unfold forming stories. I have worked with many threads, many materials. I work feverishly often forgetting to protect my hands. One day when I was in graduate school I was given this thimble from a man who had a studio near mine. He helped me with my current project. I helped with his work. I later followed him to Philadelphia where we rented a small row home and fell in love with the city. Fours year later we married and purchased a house only two blocks from that first apartment. We are spooling stories – continually building a bigger knit ball. It is warm and rich with texture.

Matthew Alden Price – jonathanalden.com

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